Honda launches CBR 250R in new colour scheme


There's a lot going for the Honda CBR 250R - a liquid cooled 25 bhp engine and good handling are some of them. Despite looking stunning in the Candy Ruby Red and Accurate Silver Metallic paint job (there's another black and silver paint option also available), there were many who wanted something more.

If you belong to this group, there's really good news for you. Honda has just launched the CBR with an additional paint option - Pearl Heron Blue tri-colour - which should go down well with those who were bored with the current model colours.

The current two-tone CBRs are priced at Rs. 1.44 lakh for the standard variant and Rs. 1.69 lakh for the C-ABS variant. The tri-coloured CBR, however, will set you back by Rs. 1.45 lakh in standard trim or Rs. 1.70 lakh if you want yours with the C-ABS system and will be available from the Honda dealerships early this month.