Honda joins other carmakers in hiking prices

Yet another leading carmaker has announced a hike in prices across its models, joining a growing list of auto companies who have opted for such an increase. Honda Cars India announced an increase of up to Rs10,000 for its various models.

The price for entry-level Brio has been raised by Rs2,000, while the compact sedan, Amaze, will be dearer by Rs3,500. Premium hatchback Jazz will cost Rs4,800 more now, while mid-sized sedan City and MPV Mobilio will see an increase of Rs3,000 each.

Buyers of Honda's premium SUV CR-V will have to pay an additional Rs10,000.

Other carmakers who have also gone in for a price hike include Toyota Motors, Tata Motors and Skoda. Toyota has jacked up prices by up to Rs31,500, while Skoda has increased it by up to Rs33,000. Tata Motors has also raised prices by up to Rs20,000.

Other leading automakers are also planning to raise the price of their models. Maruti and General Motors are expected to increase prices by up to Rs20,000 each across different models, while Hyundai plans a stiffer hike of up to Rs30,000.

Renault, Nissan and BMW have announced they would raise prices by up to three per cent, while Mercedes-Benz said it would increase prices by up to two per cent.