Honda Civic Facelift - Civic duty



Honda Siel Cars India has given the Civic a mild facelift. There are no changes to the body panels however.

The revisions include new colours to the headlamps and a redesigned airdam incorporating fog lamps at the front. At the rear, the taillamp silhouette remains the same, but inside, instead of circular lamps, they are now octagonal. On the inside, along with new upholstery/lining, the Civic gets cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, a USB port and a fuel efficiency indicator in the instrument console. The price of the car has also received an upward revision. The new Civic costs Rs 12.70 lakh ex-showroom Delhi for the manual, up by Rs 24,000. The automatic costs Rs 13.44 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. The Elegance trim costs Rs 13.78 lakh ex-showroom Delhi while the Inspire costs 13.85 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

There are no changes to the engine, suspension and other components of the Civic. The engine is the same gem of a 1800cc unit that revs to kingdome come. Honda sells about 400-500 units of the Civic every month.