Honda CB Twister - First Impressions


Honda's newest offering puts a new twist on the commuter formula. Apt then, that it's called the Twister! This is a very important motorcycle for Honda, which automatically means that this motorcycle has to be taken seriously - by journos and customers alike. After all, 51 per cent of the Indian motorcycle market goes for basic commuters that get the job done. So can the Twister send the buying populace into a frenzy? Here are our first impressions.

1. It appears that the smaller Honda's Indian bikes get, the better they look! We shall refrain from wishing that this styling package was offered on the Unicorn and concentrate on the fact that there has been no commuter in the Indian market that looks like this. 
2. The mini-CB 1000R look works well for the Twister and believe us, it gets more looks than you'd expect. The excellent styling aside, fit and finish is typically Honda, which means good paint quality, well-fitting panels that are not likely to start rattling soon and that 'one-piece' feeling that we look for in a motorcycle. 
3. The double-cradle diamond type frame is well-balanced and this combined with the optimised suspension and alloy wheels, make for a motorcycle that rides extremely well, whether you're riding solo or with a pillion. The front tyre is a 70/100 section, while the rear tyre is a 80/100 section, both being 17 inches in diameter. Put all of this together and you have a recipe for a fun handling motorcycle too!  
4. The 109cc motor develops 9bhp@8000 rpm and 0.9 kgm@6000 rpm, enough for it to push its 108 kg around town with appreciable pace. Transmission is four-speed - alas, no five-speed gearbox. But four cogs seem to do the job of economical riding in the city on the Twister. 
5. At Rs 51,150 (ex-showroom, Mumbai) for the electric starter, disc brake and alloy wheel-equipped version, the Twister is value for money indeed. And this is without even considering the first-in-the-segment looks. Needless to say, the Twister has raised the bar for commuter motorcycles in India.   
This is the ultimate college-going fuel-sipper and if we were looking for a stylish economical commuter, we would be heading to a Honda showroom right about now.