Hero Splendor Classic Initial Reliability Report

Hero has introduced the Splendor Classic, a 100cc bike that looks like a caf racer. Now, this idea didnt go that well into me until I saw the bike. It does look stylish and made several heads turn around. When the bike first, a lot of people came to me to know more about it. I was astonished as I havent been ever asked so much even about a sports car that we have reviewed. The Splendor Classic is a concept thought over by a genius and I know understand the popularity of the bike.

This is a bike that has changed how people look at 100cc bikes. Its styling gets full marks as always makes heads turn around. The Splendor Classic has just come in and like the styling and the touches it has got. For the size and the price tag, it is worth each and every buck. Just it isnt very practical as it is a single seater. We have ridden the bike previous and we think this is ideal for city riding.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic 11 Hero Splendor Pro 26

The Spendor Classic has a 97cc single-cylinder engine, which is Heros oldest and most frugal motor. This engine hasnt received any changes and the strongest point of it are its drivability (without having to change gears that often) and its mileage. It is too early to speak on the mileage as we have hardly ridden the bike. The Splendor Classic has sufficient power to ride in the city and this is ideal for riding in busy lanes. I have ridden the bike only for 40 kilometres so far, but I like it. I do not ride small bikes, but these are very easy to ride in conjusted traffic.

  The Splendor Classic is the same Splendor beneath the skin. I havent ridden it much, but one can feel there isnt much of difference between the two. This is the highest selling bike in the country and a tweak in the styling has been helpful. In our next report, we will tell you how has the bike performed in the city, its mileage and its reliability too.

Source : MotorOctane