Hero Honda Splendor vs Mahindra Stallio - Quick Comparison


Mahindra 2 Wheelers Stallio:

 - Sloper engine displaces 106.7cc and puts out 7.3 PS@7500rpm of power with 8.0 Nm@5500 rpm of torque.

 - Styling is youthful and aggressive. Some lines don't gel too well, though

 - The engine is rather rough and unrefined. It begins to get very vibey above 4500 rpm.

 - The gearbox is extremely sticky and finding neutral while at standstill is rather cumbersome

 - The ride quality, especially over broken roads is what the Stallio excels at.

 - Handling is wallowy, especially while cornering - a trade off for plush ride quality, thanks to the soft suspension setup

 - Ergonomics are good for a commuter but the handle bar curves inward - something that can be a pain in the wrist on long rides.

 - Build quality not as superior as the Splendor NXG.

 - Price: Rs 41,119 (ex-showroom, Mumbai, spoke wheels model)

Hero Honda Splendor NXG:

 - Also a sloper engine, this motor displaces 97.2cc and makes 7.8 PS@7500 rpm of torque with 8.04 Nm@4500 rpm of torque.

 - Styling is very conventional and nothing that will make you stand up and notice.

 - The engine is tuned to be gentle but is ample refined too.

 - The cogs in the four-speed gearbox shift near-effortlessly.

 - Ride quality is fair but not as plush as the Stallio

 - handling is adequate but one must remember that this is no race-spec machine.

 - Ergonomics are typical commuter-like

 - Good build quality

 - Price: Rs 43,664 (ex-showroom, Mumbai, spoke wheels model)