Hero Honda Karizma vs Bajaj Pulsar 220 - The big huns


This is one for the ages. Hero Honda versus Bajaj. Karizma versus Pulsar 220. The first quarter-faired big bike against the second one. Only, the second one took some time coming. But that time was spent developing the various high-tech (for India) bits that the P220 comes with. Fuel injection, rear disc, oil cooler, clip-on handlebars, projector lamps, LED tail lights and fat tubeless tyres make it technologically superior to the Karizma. And the Bajaj is easier to ride fast on our roads as well. It has a responsive engine, good brakes and is stable around corners. It rides well too, though the Karizma matches it on this count. Everywhere else, the Karizma lives in the P220's shadow. Though it is in dire need of a comprehensive upgrade, it is still the dependable and solid package as ever. If you have always wanted a Karizma, we suggest you wait until Hero Honda decides to launch an uprated version. Until then, you always have the P220.