Heat soak


I drive roughly 90 km a day to work and back and the recent rise in fuel prices is certainly not helping me any. The majority of my commute consists of highway driving while a short but painful section consists of heavy city traffic.


You see, my current long-termer is a Skoda Fabia. Not just any Fabia, though. It’s a full-blown 105 bhp 1.6 petrol. It’s not the most fuel efficient cars out there and thus, to boost the mileage,  I’ve resorted to driving with the AC off. I’m not a masochist, but spending a thousand rupees a day on fuel alone does get you pretty bad sometimes. Doing the no AC routine combined with driving like a there’s an egg under the throttle allows me to stretch that thousand rupees for a couple of days. It’s still not ideal - far from it - but it’s a start nevertheless.


So with the days getting hotter, commuting without the AC on makes me feel like a sardine in a can while it’s on the stove. Oh, others in the office suffer as well. Not to get into too much detail, but lets just say I luck out because of my poor olfactory senses. So, either I pay up and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning or find other ways to get to work. There are other options though. A bus, one that has air conditioning, which takes roughly half an hour longer to reach me a few hundred metres from the BSM office, after which it’s a walk. A little exercise never hurt anyone, right? I do realise that there’s a perfectly good scooter parked at home (the Mahindra Duro, another long-termer) which is peppy enough for me to ride it to work and back happily, but until I get proper riding gear, I’ll have to hold off on doing that.


Also, what with summer holidays on and parents opting to stay home to spend time with their kids, public transport is relatively empty.

It’s decided, then. I’ll do the public transport routine for a few weeks to provide my savings account the much needed shot in the arm. This will be perfect for when the monsoons roll in, when I’d rather stay back in office than take public transport.