Haryana government to remove illegal speed-breakers

Worried over the spurt in the number of illegal speed-breakers on highways, the Haryana government has ordered their removal.

Many roads and highways in the state are pockmarked with speed-breakers put up illegally by local bodies or residents. Krishan Lal Panwar, the state’s transport minister, has now directed the National Highways Authority of India to remove all such speed-breakers.

The problem of illegal speed-breakers is rampant across India, as local residents either put them up or force local bodies including panchayats to erect them to prevent accidents.

However, all rules relating to putting up speed-breakers are violated, causing more accidents. According to the central government, speed-breakers cannot be set up on national highways; only rumble strips can be installed, but with the specified size and height.

Speed-breakers on other roads also need to be painted so that motorists are aware about their existence. Many bikers and two-wheeler riders get killed or injured while speeding on roads, as they do not see the speed-breakers and their vehicles fall on the roads.

Many courts have also warned governments to ensure that illegal speed-breakers are pulled down to prevent accidents. But the problem persists, especially in states like Haryana, where a network of wide highways and roads have been built in recent years.