Happy realisation


I have come to realise that I can never become a rich man. I could never put my finger on why I am always poorer after I get my salary than I was before it. But the mystery had recently unveiled itself when an engine cropped up with someone I know for the Triumph Tiger Cub frame that was lying around in my shed. It's not going for cheap but my bank balance statement told me that I had enough. Wow!

In the mean time, a long standing dream of mine, born years ago in the confines of my uncle's yellow petrol jeep (sadly, now long gone), surfaced. I have always wanted a good jeep, something I can lug my motorcycle parts around in and a vehicle that I can use without being bothered about nicked paint or lines drawn on the flanks by keys in the hands of the devil's own damned spawn.

Having an affinity for the outdoors makes the prospect of owning a Jeep an even more enticing proposition. There's nothing more exciting than bashing through slush and dirt with a 4x4. Okay, there is one thing - doing the same with a motorcycle. But you can't carry a disassembled motor, some friends and a huge cooler on a bike while you do some dirt bashing, no?

A glance through some of the Jeep enthusiast forums online made me wince. A lakh and a half for a 'decent condition but engine needs work' 1988 model is absolutely ridiculous. Army disposal vehicles commanding the same rates, with registration in Bombay impossible, is an outrage. Why are the prices of vehicles always ludicrous. I mean, even if I was the most optimistic con job on the planet, I'd never place a rusty old moped on sale for a price tag of 50 grand. Yeah, the piddly thing was on eBay recently. I nearly choked on my tongue. Just what was he thinking?

But I'm hell bent on getting one for myself. I always say, there's always something for sale within a reasonable budget. All of what I own has been the fruit of that one adage and I don't see why it won't work with a Jeep as well. But all of this means that with the purchase of that essential Triumph motor, and now this absolute-necessity of a Jeep, I won't have anything in my bank coffers. However, the solace is that I have my priorities in the right order.