Gurgaon RTA authorities seize Uber bike taxis

Authorities in Gurgaon have over the past 10 days seized more than 70 bikes with white number plates, which were being used as taxis by Uber. Regional Transport Authority officials have said it was a clear violation of law.

Private vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes and they are a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act. According to the RTA in Gurgaon, it has written to Uber seeking an explanation, but the American cab-hailing firm has not responded.

Uber launched its motorcycle taxi service in Gurgaon and Bengaluru recently under the UberMOTO platform. However, authorities in both cities have cracked down on the service, as they company had not applied for permission.

Road transport officials claim that private bikes cannot be used as taxis; many of the bike owners also drive rashly, endangering the lives of passengers. They also point out that in case of an accident, the pillion will not be entitled to any insurance claims, as they are not covered under private bikes.

In cities like Gurgaon and Bengaluru, the lack of local transport and road congestion results in commuters willing to take risks in hitching rides on unauthorised bike taxis.

Though Gurgaon is well-connected to Delhi, thanks to the metro, last-mile connectivity (travelling to and from the metro stations) is a problem because of lack of buses. Thousands commuters have eagerly hopped on to the bike taxis, which were affordable and quick.