Guess who’s launching a 300cc motorcycle?





Indian motorcycle enthusiasts...we know what you’ve been asking for, for years on end. A motorcycle which is nicely powerful, say 300cc, sporty yet practical and priced just right. Till date, other than the Ninja 250 coming in through Bajaj, none of the motorcycle biggies have really dared to explore this part of the motorcycling spectrum. But now, someone is about to sneak up on them and maybe, take away that piece of the pie. Who? Mahindra two-wheelers! Yes, the same guys who gobbled up Italian bike development firm Engines Engineering are now planning a strong entry into the market with two new motorcycles.

The best part is that they’re launching a 300cc motorcycle on 29th September in Mumbai. From the TV sneak peak that we all got, it does look like a properly sporty motorcycle with what might just be a twin-cylinder engine, and given the fact that Engines Engineering has developed it, we wouldn’t be surprised. These guys at that firm know their stuff, having quietly developed bikes and scooters for Yamaha, Benelli, Gilera, Malagutti and even a concept for TVS! Heck, they even run a 125cc racing outfit.

The teasers look brilliant, the rumours sound good as well (don’t they always?) and we’re crossing our fingers, hoping that Mahindra two-wheelers won’t let the Indian motorcycle enthusiast down and come up with something that would justify all the media buzz. More info coming up as and when....stay tuned!

(Oh and they’re launching a small-capacity commuter as well...but we know what you’re really interested in...)

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