Ford India takes flak for naughty (and offensive) print ads



Have advertising folks gone too far with the latest Ford Figo print campaign? As you can see in the artwork above, one ad in the series has Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi giving us the ‘V’ for Victory from the driver’s seat upfront with three, er, rather well-endowed and skimpily clad ladies gagged and tied up in the back. It was supposed to showcase the generous boot space but of all the folks that saw the ads, not one said ‘Hmm. Great luggage space at the back, eh?’. The inspiration, no doubt, came from the Berlusconi’s famous ‘bunga bunga’ parties where he did many naughty things that we cannot mention here.

Top marks for quality of the illustration, we must say, but rather badly timed and for a conservative country like ours, it’s clearly pushing it too far. Like in most cases, the mainstream media has manned their turrets and they’re firing away like there’s a wave of Luftwaffe bombers overhead. We expect a wave of political types who’ve never even once seen the ads to join in with strong opinions.

The other ads in the campaign depict Schumacher taking care of his competition by kidnapping them and cramming them into the boot. In another one, Paris Hilton is seen kidnapping the Kardashian sisters, though we don’t quite know why she would even bother with anyone except Kim. In a statement, Ford India has said that their advertising partners JWT India has apologized and they even said that the ads ‘never should have happened.’ Well, too late now! Better duck for cover.