Ford Focus Uses Industry-First Technology That Can Predict and Prevents Skids

Ford Motor Company will be the first manufacturer to launch a new technology which can predicts when a car might skid and thus prepares itself to prevent the driver from losing control over the car. As per the company, the Enhanced Transitional Stability is the industry first production car system which will be used in new Ford Focus. The system calculates when a car is about to skid by taking into account car’s speed, position of steering wheel and the speed at which the steering wheel is being turned. If the system detects that the car is about to skid, it applies brake to individual wheels and activates Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and all this happens even before the driver realizes that if anything is wrong!

Ford Focus

Norbert Kessing, Vehicle Dynamics Manager, Ford of Europe said, “By recognising scenarios that will lead to a loss of driver control before an incident has developed, the Enhanced Transitional Stability system is setting the recovery process in motion quicker than ever before, and improving safety and comfort for driver and passengers,” Norbert Kessing, vehicle dynamics manager, Ford of Europe.

Ford Focus

The company uses Enhanced Transitional Stability which uses new and improved chassis control technologies for the enhanced driving experience. In the Ford Focus, the engineers also made some changes in the Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS).

Ford Focus

Joe Bakaj, Vice President, Product Development, Ford of Europe said, “The Ford Focus has long enjoyed a reputation for class-leading driving dynamics and handling and the new Focus is even more fun to drive, while at the same time delivering its best-ever comfort, stability and security on the road.”

To keep the cabin free from unwanted outside noise, the automaker used more absorbent acoustic materials such as thicker side window, glass and carpets.

Source : CarDekho