Ford Fiesta vs Hyundai Verna - Sedan impact


Ever heard of a performance diesel sedan? Well, here it is, the Verna. With an incredibly torquey 1.5 motor with VGT, the Verna develops over 100 bhp that makes it a rocket of sorts. And it’s damn fuel efficient too, while at it. The Verna’s a good quality car, though it could overshadow Toyotas with its conservative (read boring) looks and interiors. The Verna 1.6 petrol, on the other hand, boasts variable valve timing and an 100 bhp+ output. Even so, both versions of the Verna are not exactly driver’s cars. That honour goes to the Fiesta. The reason is that though the Fiesta is out-gunned by the Verna in sheer engine output terms, the Ford’s nimble chassis and steering feedback make it a brilliant car to pilot – it offers superb handling and a good ride quality too. And to match that, Ford even has the 1.6 S sport version that’s a boy-racer’s dream. The Fiesta 1.4 turbodiesel is a frugal though slightly boring performer. However, the quality of the stuff that goes into making the Fiesta could be slightly better. Our choice? The Fiesta 1.6 S and the Verna 1.5 turbodiesel.