Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner


Few SUVs command as much respect as the Ford Endeavour. It's big, has got seven seats and can actually handle the rough stuff, unlike some of its more soft-road based competitors. But it now has competition in the form of the Toyota Fortuner - the one SUV that has given it sleepless nights across South East Asia.

The Fortuner is built on the IMV platform, that also houses the Innova. Despite its body-on-ladder antecedents, the Fortuner like the Innova is car-like to drive. It's also got the more powerful engine here - a 3.0-litre engine diesel pumping out 168 bhp versus the Ford Endeavour's 154.5 bhp. The new facelift on the Endeavour also means that the larger 3.0-litre engine comes with a 5-speed auto, while the Fortuner makes do with a 5-speed manual. Fret not, an automatic is bound for India too in the coming months.

On the inside, the Endeavour has more space, but the Fortuner is more comfortable. The seats are well bolstered and don't give you the truck seat feel of the Endeavour. The third row is a bit cramped, but it's easy to get in and out of them. Where the Endeavour tends to feel imposing, the Fortuner makes do with good on-road presence. It also feels easy to drive and live with. Price wise, the Fortuner may lose out on a bit, but we think it's worth the extra money to splurge on the big T and is our comprehensive winner here.