Ford celebrates 101 years of moving assembly line

Exactly 101 years back, founder of American auto major, Henry Ford redefined automotive manufacturing with invention of world’s first moving assembly line. And even today Ford continues its founder’s legacy and ensures the best of quality products from its stable.

Ford celebrates 101 years of moving assembly line On this iconic date, Ford has highlighted four of its favorite advances in quality manufacturing: 3D printing parts and gadgets:

Ford celebrates 101 years of moving assembly line

Through the use of 3D printing technology, Ford designs digital prototypes and test them physically for a fraction of the time and cost it took before. This helps in greater creativity, pushing the boundaries of vehicle designing.

Using video game technology to design cars: 

Ford celebrates 101 years of moving assembly line

​By using virtual development tools like those used in the animation and gaming industries, Ford designers and engineers can test new design, styling and ergonomic options before cars enter the physical production phase. This accelerates the design process and enables Ford’s experts to collaborate across the world.

Creating virtual factories:

Using advanced 3D technology, Ford can rearrange and optimize its assembly lines virtually, leading to both improved production efficiency, and worker's health and safety. Virtual manufacturing is estimated to have reduced manufacturing related issues across Ford’s global production network by 90% since 2002.

Streamlining production across the globe:

By utilizing the above mentioned manufacturing and design innovations, Ford is able to build 16 cars every 60 seconds, each to the same Ford quality standard in 80 factories across 22 countries.

Source : CarDekho