Force Motors to introduce an MPV

Force Motors had recently introduced the Gurkha 4x4, which is their new off-roading vehicle. This was inspired from the Gurkha that the company had made as a limited edition for the Indian market, and it was mostly exported. The Force Gurkha has been inspired by the Gurkha regiment, which doesn’t give up easily. We speak to Mr Naresh Kumar Rattan, President (Corp. Sales and Marketing)  and share his views on this product and also the company’s future plans.


1) With the launch of Gurkha 4x4x4, what is the next product that Force targets to introduce?

Ans) After the Gurkha 4x4x4, we are working on other iterations of the Force One and also working a new MPV. This is based on the Mercedes-Benz Viano platform. Tests are in progress, however we cannot comment when will this vehicle be available in the market. At the moment, the focus is to get the Gurkha on sale, as it will be available in all the private car dealers from July.

2) What is the biggest USP of the new Gurkha over its competition?

Ans) One thing that you will first notice is that it has a hard-top and front facing seats. This means you can go off-roading with your family. The Gurkha has better quality interiors than competition and the biggest advantage it possesses is the differential locks.

3) When can we see the other variants of the Force One?

Ans) As I had mentioned we are working on base model and a 4x4 variant for the Force One and soon you will hear from us about their launch as well.

4) How many dealerships is Force aiming to have in the near future?

Ans) At the moment, there are 30 dealership and we are targeting to have 50 by the end of this year. This will help us reach out to more cities.

Source : CarDekho - Force One - Force Motors to introduce an MPV