Fisker’s extended-range electric Atlantic is here!



Utter the words – plugin hybrid, eco-friendliness and zero tailpipe emissions and its natural for your brain to imagine a Nissan Leaf-like vehicle, in a very cheery advert with the family inside flaunting their perfect plastic smiles and lots of green leaf icons all over the place. Well, here’s some relief.

This is the new Fisker Atlantic, Fisker’s second car and basically, it’s a sporty, good-looking sports sedan that seats four in reasonable comfort. The obvious highlight here is that it’s a range-extended electric hybrid. Which means that there is none of the range-anxiety typically associated with pure electric cars. The on-board four-pot petrol motor acts like a generator and its sole function is to charge the batteries, which in turn drive the electric motors on the Atlantic. The on-board electronics will figure out when to use what power source automatically. You can also use the plugin hybrid system to charge the car and reduce the need for fuel stops.

Through the use of modern lightweight construction techniques and engineering, Fisker says that the Karma will have ample space on the inside, more than adequate performance for its class and a high degree of inbuilt safety. In terms of dimensions, the Atlantic is close to the Audi A5. And even though the overall design is quite fetching, we could do without some of the garish details, like the chrome around the edges of the front grille. Still, the Atlantic, along with cars like Tesla’s Model S, is heralding in a new generation of sporty yet practical electric cars and looking at the sky-rocketing fuel prices, we only think that this shift is a good thing.