Fiat Might Also Be Cheating On Emissions Tests

Controversy is clearly the flavour of the season. As environmental norms get stricter by the day; authorities have been cracking the whip on the obvious targets - auto manufacturers. The fact that the manufacturers have resorted to malpractice on multiple occasions, to slide past regulations hasn't helped the case either. We are aware of Volkswagen's dieselgate scandal and the proposed buyback in the US, and one also knows how Mitsubishi fudged fuel efficiency ratings on their cars in Japan. 

Now, it is Fiat's turn to be under the spotlight for possible 'cheating' on emission tests. Reports suggest that some Fiat vehicles have shown irregular levels of emissions. The diesel exhaust pollution levels shot up after 22 minutes have elapsed. Notably, the German emission tests last for only 20 minutes. Simply put, it is possible that a timer software senses that the emission test cycle has completed, and throttles back the emission control features. 

A German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag, first reported the issue. It also went on to state that it was the German auto-component giant, Bosch who tipped off the authorities regarding the issue. It came to light after German authorities tested a Fiat 500X that demonstrated the irregular emissions. The Italian automaker had come under the scanner in February this year as well, when an independent report suggested that the 500X emitted up to 20 times more once the engine was warm. At the time, Fiat denied the report, after an internal review showed compliance with regulations. 

While we wait for an official word from Fiat regarding the issue, do let us know your thoughts on the matter through the comment section below.

Source : CarDekho