Fiat 500 TwinAir - TwinAir to the throne



We at BSM love Fiat’s 500 and it’s really hard not to. Coming soon to the showrooms is an updated Fiat 500 with a new heart – a parallel twin one, no less. It’s quite rare these days to find a parallel twin engine powering a car and the only other similarly configured car that comes to mind is our own Nano. Downsizing, Fiat says, helps in more ways than one. Carbon emissions are down 30% and can be further enhanced by the optional start-stop system. The little 900cc twin gets a similarly tiny turbo to boost up the proceedings and the results really are pretty good. Top speed is 170 kph + and the 0-100 kph time is under 11 seconds. Fiat claims economy better than 24 kpl as well. We think the new turbocharged twin will nicely suit the 500’s cutesy character. When can we drive it, Fiat?

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