Ferrari organises online auction to help earthquake victims


In the aftermath of the recent earthquakes in Italy, Ferrari decided to take matters into its own hands and hold a charity auction to raise funds for the earthquake victims.

On offer at this auction are a few rare Ferrari collectors items like a Ferrari 599XX Evo, one that will be specially built for this event with a special plaque by Luca di Montezemolo himself. The lucky winner of this bidding war will have the car handed over to him by none other than Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, so start your bidding (It starts at 1.3 million euros, by the way).

Other items on offer are a 2008 V8 Ferrari F1 engine, an original nose cone from the F60, Giancarlo Fisichella's race suit and the F1 car that Ferrari celebrated it's 60th consecutive year in F1 with. Want to be a part of this auction? Head on over to or to get your bids in!