F1's finally here!


What should you keep in mind at the Buddh International Circuit tomorrow?

Getting there
 If you haven’t managed to pay the track a visit yet, believe us when we say it’s in a land far, far away. Driving time (with normal traffic) is approximately an hour and a half from the Indira Gandhi International Airport for the 70-odd kilometre distance. Even though the F1 race start time is 3 pm, ensure you get there early. If you’re driving there, be prepared for plenty of traffic because it is race day, and also for the journey time to double. Also be prepared for the fact that you’ll have to park your car in the parking lot that is a good distance from the race track itself and then walk to the grandstands.

Be prepared
Of course there’s going to be plenty to see and do at the track. What’s the best way to use your time? Watch the races, of course! Make sure you’re in your seats in time for the racing action. If you’re late, you just might miss the good bits, and you’ll also annoy a lot of people by stepping on them and what not to get to your seats. Try and carry plenty of water with you so that you can watch the races undisturbed.

What to watch out for
There are support races being held along with the Formula 1 race, of course. You must ensure you manage to catch these. Why? Because these races have plenty of exciting racing action that any petrol-head would like. Sometimes people even insist that they’re more fun than the F1 race! In any case, these are the drivers who will some day make it to Formula 1. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your friends “I watched Jenson Button racing when he was a lad of 14”? This time’s support races are the JK Racing Asia Series, which even has Indian driver Raj Bharath in it. And the MRF Delhi Championship, where female British driver Alice Powell competes.

If you’re one of those lucky few who actually have a pitpass, use it well! You’ll get to see the cars and drivers up close. And you’ll get to see the mechanics too, as they assemble the cars and prep for the race. What you must do if someone is free enough to talk to you, is ask a few questions that you’ve always wanted to ask someone from the wonderful world of the F1 paddock. What you must not do — don’t point at things and daftly ask “What does that do?” Chances are you’ll just get on the chap’s nerves! Also, when going up to drivers for autographs and photographs, make sure you approach them only when they really are free. If you go up to them when they’re trying to concentrate before they head out on track, they will not be amused!  

DON’T FORGET TO CARRY THESE ALONG! CAMERA: You must have one handy when you meet your favourite F1 driver PEN AND PAPER: Of course, you need this if you want Sebastian Vettel’s autograph SUN BLOCK: No point not enjoying the race because you’re getting burnt alive EAR PLUGS: An F1 cars is loud — very loud. And when there are 24 of them thundering across a racetrack, you’d best be prepared WATER: Delhi heat is not to be trifled with. Drink plenty of it so you can keep up with the fast paced world that is F1 BINOCULARS: Just in case your seats are some distance away from the track, make sure you have a pair with you to catch all the action TICKETS: For heaven’s sake, don’t forget these!