F1: Schumi sure Mercedes will be strong


After two runs of testing the Mercedes GP W01, Michael Schumacher has said he is confident that the car will let the team fight for the championship in the 2010 season. However, Schuey has also admitted that he can't tell as yet who to watch out for, such have been the times set in testing, and thus it is also difficult to say exactly where Mercedes stands. The 41-year-old driver stated that this was especially true as he did not have data from last year's car, and thus could not gauge exactly how much the team had grown.


Michael also stated that he is completely prepared for his return to Formula 1, saying that when he retired from the sport it was only because his batteries were empty, but now, his batteries are fully loaded again.

And to answer the question that is on most people's lips 'Is Nico the new Rubens?' Michael stated that while he cannot look into the future, he does not forsee any problems working with Rosberg.