F1: Schumi still confident


Don't write me off yet, is what Michael Schumacher seems to be saying. Schumi hasn't lost heart, even though he hasn't been doing as well as he might have liked so far in the 2010 F1 season. The 41-year old German is still confident that he will be able to take the challenge to Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, the three teams that have managed to win races this season.

The Mercedes team is set for a major revamp ahead of the first European race of the season, the Spanish GP. And this will help Schuey renew his title-bid. And Spain might not be such a bad place after all. Remember Schumacher's first ever victory for the Ferrari team was at the Spanish GP in 1996, and it was a rain-soaked GP at that!

As for worrying about his DNF at Malaysia. Well, Schumi, quite simply, is not! He believes the new points system might be buffer enough to help him get to the top once he begins performing better. Schuey stated that even though Fernando Alonso had a DNF, he is still at second spot on the championship table, and that ought to help matters as well.

Schumi says that since there is a long season ahead, there is plenty of time for him to catch up. He even said that W01 has plenty of potential and that's reason enough for him and Nico to be confident of doing well.