F1 : Ferrari F10 dominates Valencia tests


While Felipe Massa topped the timing sheets on the first two days of testing at Valencia, Fernando Alonso ensured that the Scuderia stayed on top of the timing sheets when he set the best time of the week with a lap time of 1m 11.490 secs. Ferrari's 2010 challenger, the F10, has thus effectively dominated the first official test session of the 2010 season. The fact that Alonso's lap time was not merely a one-off occurence, but consistent over the course of the day, could very well be a sign of Ferrari's return to form.


Pedro de la Rosa continued to surprise onlookers as he piloted the BMW Sauber C29 to a fine second place on the timing sheets, outpacing seemingly stronger rivals. While there is still speculation as to whether or not the Spaniard was running light on fuel, he still managed to be consistently quick, setting a best lap time of 1m 12.094 secs.

Michael Schumacher, running in the Mercedes GP W01 managed a time of 1m 12.438 secs, almost a full second slower than that of Fernando Alonso. The W01 is yet to have its final 2010 diffuser and front wing fitted on to the car. Michael's run was cut short prematurely by a hydraulic problem on the car. While Ross Brawn has stated that the Mercedes GP team isn't where it had hoped to be, Schumacher has also said that he doesn't believe the team can win races from the very beginning of the season.