F1: BMW back to Sauber!



BMW leaving F1 is a sad thing, but a silver lining has emerged - the 'blue propeller' company has sold the F1 team back to Peter Sauber, the man who started the team back in 1993. BMW's original plan of selling the team to Qadbak Investment Limited did not materialise, which prompted them to agree to sell it back to Sauber, provided the team gets a place on the grid for next year. And that shouldn't be a difficult aim to achieve, since next year's rules are geared to promote more privateer participation in the sport. Besides, Sauber has a lot of goodwill in F1 and has given the likes of Kimi Raikkonen their first chance to turn a wheel in anger, so we think it's only natural to welcome Sauber F1 back with wide open arms.