Exclusive: Honda to Offer 6-Speed Manual with Jazz Diesel

As per our sources, the upcoming Honda Jazz will borrow the City’s 6-speed manual transmission and will be paired with the 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel. Speaking of its segment, as of now, only Hyundai Elite i20 offers a 6-speed manual with the diesel. Looks like the Jazz is packing everything to take down its arch rival Elite i20! The rest of its competitors, like Fiat Punto EVO, Maruti Suzuki Swift and VW Polo all come with a 5-speed manual gearbox. 

The diesel in the Jazz is same as in the City and the Amaze - the 1.5-liter i-DTEC motors chucks out power of 100 PS and a max torque of 200 Nm. With the same 6-speed manual of City, the hatch is expected to give 26+ kmpl (similar to that of the City), although, no official figures are out yet. Moreover, the extra gear will also give Jazz, a relaxed highway cruising.

We were the first one to get images of production spec Indian version. On similar lines, it shares most of its features with the City. Honda will offer a 15.7 cm touch screen infotainment system along with a non-touch 12.7 cm audio system (notice the images down below, first one - touchscreen, second - non-touch unit).

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The dashboard is all black with silver accents just like the City while the instrumentation cluster is slightly different comparatively. Moreover, in lower spec models Jazz will offer beige upholstery but the top-of-the-line Jazz we spied recently offers all-black upholstery.

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Source : Exclusive: Honda to Offer 6-Speed Manual with Jazz Diesel