EDAG Light Cocoon projects the future of lightweight construction

With its glamorous premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the “EDAG Light Cocoon” is a glimpse into the future of lightweight structures for automobiles, something like Visteon's e-Bee. Though the concept is a concept dynamic sports car, it reflects upon lightweight construction by bionically optimising car structure with a weatherproof textile panel. The black light technology on the “EDAG Light Cocoon” illuminates the entire skeleton structure of the vehicle giving it actual organic life. The implementation of this bionic structure required additive manufacturing potential involved in the development of the concept.

"We are pursuing the vision of sustainability – as demonstrated by nature: lightweight, efficient, and without any waste," explains Johannes Barckmann, EDAG's head designer. "The result: the 'EDAG Light Cocoon' presents a stable, branch-like load bearing structure from the 3D printer, which only uses material where it is absolutely necessary." Materials not required for special load cases were actually removed instead of treating the whole body as a closed surface. Static and dynamic calculations for the basics of this optimised ideal structure done by the brands simulation experts aided to confirm its suitability as a lightweight vehicular concept.

"Even if it sounds futuristic to begin with, this approach has a its own special appeal: weighing no more than 19 g/m², the Jack Wolfskin material supports maximum lightweight design requirements with minimum weight. To give you a comparison: this extremely strong material is four times lighter than standard copier paper," remarks Jörg Ohlsen, EDAG CTO. "Combined with the topologically optimised, additively manufactured structure, it offers enormous potential and stimulus for the ultimate lightweight construction of the future."

Source : CarDekho