DSK-Benelli bikes launched in India

DSK-Benelli has been officially launched in India and it has introduced five bike brands in India, the TNT 300, TNT 600i, TNT 600GT, TNT 899 and TNT 1130R. The 300cc and the 600cc bikes will be imported from China and the 899cc and 1130cc will be coming in from Italy as CKD to India. All the bikes will be assembled at DSKs Wai assembly plant near Pune.

TNT 300

  [caption id="attachment_8322" align="aligncenter" ]Benelli TNT 300i Benelli TNT 300i[/caption]

This is a two-cylinder 300cc engine, which will be Benellis entry-level bike likely to appeal the masses. This is a good city motorcycle, as it is comfortable to ride on a daily basis with comfortable seating position. This bike costs Rs 2.83 lakhs (ex-showroom) which makes it about Rs 3.2 lakhs (on-road). Read our review of the Benelli TNT 300.

TNT 600i:

The TNT 600i is a four-cylinder 600cc naked bike to enter India that looks stunning. This cylinder produces 82bhp of power and 52Nm of maximum torque. This is a liquid cooled engine with double overhead camshaft. The 600cc is a direct competition to the ER-6n, however due to more cylinders the cost of the Benelli TNT 600i will be higher. To know more about the Benelli TNT 600i, read our extensive review of this bike. The TNT 600i costs Rs 5.15 lakhs (ex-showroom) bringing it on-road to Rs 5.7 lakhs approximately.

TNT 600GT:

The TNT 600GT is the GT version of the same 600cc engine. This one generates 82bhp of power and 55Nm of peak torque. This competes with the Kawasaki Ninja 650, however this has a 24-litre fuel tank to cruise for miles. This is again the first four-cylinder 600cc cruiser motorcycle in India. This costs Rs 5.63 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) and on-road pricing being Rs 6.3 lakhs.

TNT 899:

This gets a 899cc three-cylinder bike that produces 120bhp and 88Nm of torque. The TNT 899 is a direct competition to the Z800 and Triumph Street Triple. This costs Rs 9.48 lakhs (ex-showroom) and on-road pricing of Rs 10.5 lakhs.

TNT 1130R:

This is the flagship bike from Benelli and this costs Rs 11.81 lakhs (ex-showroom) and on-road it comes for Rs 13.5 lakhs approximately. This engine produces 158bhp and 120Nm of maximum torque.

Source : MotorOctane