Delhi unveils new odd-even car formula

VIPs from the central goverment, women drivers and vehicles running on CNG have been exempted from the odd-even scheme formulated by the Delhi government, which will be in force for a fortnight from January 1.

Announcing the details of the scheme in the capital on Thursday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said he and his ministers would not be exempt from the new scheme. The notification regarding its implementation would be issued on Monday.

Kejriwal clarified that there was no plan to continue with the scheme beyond January 15. “Most countries have such plans when the pollution levels go alarmingly high,” he said. “We will do an assessment at the end of 15 days. If the people accept this plan and execute it on large scale, we will think about having a permanent measure.”

Those violating the odd-even number plate formula would be fined Rs2,000, said the chief minister. Motor-cycles, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire tenders, would also be exempted from the scheme. Vehicles with defence ministry registration numbers and those of the Special Protection Group would also be exempt. Women drivers, travelling alone or accompanied with children below 12, are also exempt from the scheme.

The scheme would be applicable between 8 am and 8 pm on all days except Sundays. Even cars with registration numbers from other states would have to adhere to the rules, he added.

The Delhi government decided to introduce the scheme on a temporary basis to combat high pollution that is evident over the national capital during the winter months. Similar schemes have been tried on a temporary basis in several cities around the world and have proved to be effective in bringing down pollution levels.

The Delhi government aims to run 6,000 additional buses to accommodate the motorists who would not be taking out their cars on alternate days. The Delhi Metro also plans to boost its services. Almost a million cars will stay off Delhi’s roads if the scheme is implemented effectively.