Delhi high courts asks government why two-wheelers exempted from odd-even formula

December 30, 2015: The Delhi high court on Wednesday asked the state government why women and two-wheelers had been exempt from the odd-even traffic rule, which comes into force in the national capital from New Year’s Day. 

The Delhi government is enforcing curbs on the use of cars for 15 days in January as a pilot project to see whether it would bring down pollution levels in the city. The odd-even formula – in which cars of odd or even registration numbers are allowed on city roads on alternative days between 8 am and 8 pm – has been tried in other cities around the world and has proved to be effective in bringing down pollution levels.

But environmentalists in Delhi argue that by exempting two-wheelers from the odd-even restrictions, the government is defeating the very purpose of imposing curbs. 

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi chief minister, had also announced exemptions for VVIPs from the central government and also from other states. However, he has not exempted ministers from Delhi and other VIPs in the state government from the new rule.

On Wednesday, lawyers at the court sought exemptions for themselves, but the judges turned down the request, noting that even doctors were not exempt. 

In fact, the chief justice of India, though he has been given an exemption, has decided to follow the new rules.