Delhi government should consider reintroducing odd-even scheme: HC

The Delhi government has been asked by the high court to consider a plea for the re-introduction of the odd-even scheme to cut down pollution levels.

A lawyer had filed a plea in the court, seeking reintroduction of the scheme that had been in force during the first fortnight of the year. “The Delhi government is aware of the alarming pollution level,” noted the petitioner Jitender Gupta. “They have failed to continue the policy in some form or the other especially when a large section of Delhi residents were voluntarily supporting it.”

The court felt the petition had some good suggestions and urged the state government to look into it. “Treat this petition as a representation,” it directed the government.

Gupta had suggested differential parking and toll charges which can help sustain the odd-even policy on a long-term basis. The government should reintroduce the scheme by adopting a differential tariff approach, doubling toll from odd-even vehicles on even-odd dates, the petitioner added.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that ‘jan sabhas’ will be held across the metropolis to seek the opinion of the public on the odd-even scheme. If the majority wants it to continue, the government will revive it.