Delhi government announces return of odd-even scheme for a fortnight from April 15

The Delhi government is all set to launch the second phase of the odd-even formula for cars from April 15 for a fortnight. Women drivers and parents taking their children in uniforms to school in their cars are exempt from the rule.

Delhi’s transport minister Gopal Rai announced the launch of the second phase on Wednesday. CNG vehicles would be exempt from the restrictions during the second phase.

The Delhi government announced curbs on cars on January 1, when the odd-even scheme was in force for a fortnight. Cars with odd numbered registrations were allowed on odd days and those with even numbered registrations on other days.

The move was part of a drastic move by the government to curb atmospheric pollution in the national capital, especially during the winter months when heavy smog envelopes the region. Similar schemes have been tried in other cities elsewhere in the world, but with limited impact.

According to Rai, Delhi Transport Corporation buses will be available for schools, but the vehicles will have to return to the depots by 8 am for catering to the needs of general commuters.

Delhi Metro had increased its services when the scheme was in force in January. It is expected to do so this time as well