December discounts: Where to get the best deal on a new car!


Looking to buy a new car before the new year? Well, you're in luck. If you're willing to drive around "last year's model" of a car, you could well walk away with a decent chunk of extra cash in your pocket by the time you're done with the whole process.

You see, most manufacturers generally offer year end discounts on cars to clear the inventory and make way for a new stock of cars, so if you're smart about the whole process and are willing to make a few small sacrifices, you're bound to walk away with a good deal.

Let's check out which manufacturers are doling out the discounts:

Maruti Suzuki:

You'd think that with the way they're making sales lately, they would already be out of stock for this year, but even in the Maruti stable, there are a few models that don't move off the lots as quickly as Maruti would like them to.

Sure, the Swift, Dzire, Ertiga and even the Eeco are doing exceptionally well, so you won't be getting much of a discount on them, but on the other models, like the A-Star, Ritz, Estilo, Wagon R and SX4, they're offering a tempting Rs 10,000 - 25,000 off and insurance for just one Rupee.

Mind, there's nothing actually wrong with these cars. Instead of paying more and waiting longer for the Swift, you could well just plonk for a Ritz. It's just as capable and in these times, makes more sense, too.

If you're looking at a much larger car, however, Maruti has something in store that will blow your mind. Remember the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi? The car that goes head to head against the likes of the Honda Accord and Skoda Superb? It can be yours for just Rs 12 lakh! Yes, you're reading that right, it's a discount of a whopping Rs 6 Lakh! If that's not the deal of the year, we don't know what is!


If Maruti's got the small car sales covered, Hyundai takes over when it comes to slightly larger cars. And when diesels are involved, you know which showroom to head towards. So again, you can't expect too much of a discount on some of their models, but even in their vast line-up, there are discounts to be had.

The entry-level Eon, which took the fight straight to Maruti's doorstep, gets a good Rs 10,000 discount depending on trim level. It looks and feels like a much more premium offering than the bare basics Alto, too, so it's definitely worth looking into.

Next up in the discount tent is the i20. No, no, don't get too excited, it's only the petrol ones that are being discounted as the diesel ones fly off the shelves like hot cakes. Even here, there might not be outright discounts, but look for other savings in terms of free accessories and the like. On the higher trim level models, there's cash discounts while on the lower variants, you'll be looking at getting accessories thrown into the deal.



After dropping the 500 from its line-up, Fiat only has two products on sale here, the Linea and the Punto. Both of these are getting discounted heavily if you're interested. The Linea gets discounts of up to Rs 70,000 while the Punto gets benefits and discounts of up to a Rs 63,000. This just might be deal you're waiting for to plonk down on a Fiat.


With facelifted models of both the Polo and Vento, Volkswagen is doing pretty good on the sales front, so while they may not budge on the pricing of those models, there's a gem in that line-up that you can get a bit of a discount on. The Volkswagen Jetta. Generally regarded as one of the better handling front wheel drive cars here, the Jetta is quite a hoot to drive. There are two engine options available on the Jetta. A 2.0-litre diesel and a 1.4-litre turbo-petrol. Of course, the diesel does well enough to not warrant any discounts, but the petrol on the other hand can be yours for Rs 20,000 cheaper! To top it off, it's pretty frugal too.


Then there's the Passat too, which enjoys a up to Rs 1,30,000 discount. Unless you really need a premium badge, the Passat is more than enough for most needs. It's got a nice, strong engine (the same 2.0-litre engine found in the Jetta, but in a higher state of tune) plush interiors and lots and lots of features to play with. The DSG is the only concern here, but that's what warranties are for, eh?


It's not looking good in the sales department for Ford, but that only means you can take advantage of that and leverage a bigger discount for yourself. The products themselves are quite solid and are pretty fun to drive as well.

Figo: The newly-launched, facelifted Figo can be had for Rs 25,500 less. This offer is valid on all the variants, so you better hurry while the stocks last.

Fiesta: The new Fiesta is a bomb of a car, with pricing being the only reason it's not a best seller. Well, guess what? Ford is offering savings/benefits of up to Rs 72,000 on the Fiesta, so that makes it a pretty good deal in our book!

Endeavour: This capable off-roader from Ford's stable is the car to buy if you're looking for a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle. To sweeten the deal, Ford is offering free insurance on the Endeavour, which saves you about Rs 81,000.

Classic: This ageing but competent sedan is still a good buy, and a discount/benefits of up to Rs 34,500 make it a great buy!

You better hurry up with these deals though, these offers are valid only till the 14th of December.


Up in the Skoda stable, there's quite a lot that we like, but sadly, so does everyone else, so the best you can eeke out from them would be some accessories, it would seem.

There is a dark horse here though, the brilliant Yeti! It's no secret that the Yeti is right up there as one of our favourite cars, couple that with the fact that they're offering up to Rs 25,000 in benefits on the 4x4 models and we're salivating already! Sign us up, we say!


There's a lot of tried and tested models in Tata's stable, mostly because they refuse to phase out certain models, but hey, who are we to complain when these models still continue to fly off the shelves. Despite that though, On the petrol engined Tata Indica eV2, Tata is running a discount/benefit deal worth Rs 35,000 through December. On the diesel models, they're offering accessories worth Rs 15,000. On the Indigo eCS, there ar hefty discounts up to Rs 50,000 depending on the variant.

This is all at the start of the spectrum, as you go up the range, the discounts aer much bigger. Take the Aria, for example. The Aria is available with discounts of up to Rs 1.5 Lakh depending on which variant you're looking at. Want something more utilitarian? The Sumo Gold is just the ticket and it's available with a discount of up to Rs 50,000

They may not be the most fun-to-drive cars, but they have always been fantastic value for money. With these dicsounts, they're even better buys than before.

If you're exchanging an older car and it just so happens to be a Tata, you'll also be able to take advantage of their loyalty bonus, but that's not just for this month.



When the others are out giving out discounts, there's no way Mahindra would be left behind there. They are also running discounts across the range, save for the brand new Quanto, Rexton and the XUV. So, you're looking at decent ammount of discounts on the Verito, Bolero, Xylo and Scorpio. From anywhere between Rs 5,000 - 25,000 across the range depending on variant.  You're also looking at either free insurance or other such benefits to supplement the deal.


Even luxury car makers are offering up some benefits this season. Take Audi, for example. They recently launched the facelifted A4 sedan with a whole bunch of petrol and diesel engine choices. Now, they're making the deal even sweeter by offering discounts between Rs 1.5 - 3 lakh depending on engine and trim-level. If you were contemplating getting one, this is the time to pull that trigger as we don't see you getting as good a deal as this in the near future.


Seeing a lot more Volvos on the roads lately? Well, there's a reason for that. It seems that across the range, Volvo is offering a flat Rs 1,00,000 off!

Yes, you're reading that right. Right from the S60 to the XC90, all the Volvo models are going at an amazing discount.

The products themselves are quite competitive in their respective segments, packed with technology and are good fun to drive. Now they're shockingly good value too!

Disclaimer: Discounts may vary from city to city, dealer to dealer. You are best advised to check with your dealer the quantum of discount on offer. Story based on discounts offered by dealers in Mumbai at the time of publishing this story.