Datsun redi-GO: Can it Achieve the Kwid's Feat?

Datsun unveiled its small-sized hatchback, the redi-GO, a few days back. The name needs no introduction since the manufacturer has been letting out information about the car for quite some time now. Thanks to the all-new design, the revealed sketches has helped build the curiosity around the car. The pictures from its unveiling indicate, design-wise, a job well done as well. The design is that aspect where the company seems to have massively taken off from what they have been following so far with the Go and Go+. The redi-GO is a stylish car. The question is whether it can match the success of the Kwid, as the redi-GO is based on the same platform. Not a Rebadged Car!

Datsun redi-GO

For starters, the car looks good and, thankfully, the manufacturer has finally ditched the rebadging idea which was followed for the Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra (as well as others) by the Renault-Nissan alliance. It seemed a good idea initially, but you and I realised that looking at the same cars with different expressions on their faces wasn’t that much fun, didn’t we?

Speaking of the redi-GO, looks-wise, it shares nothing with the Kwid. The only shared attributes are the underpinnings and the mechanicals, which should be fine by every standard, since the Kwid is a nimble handler with adequate power. We  expect the redi-GO to boast of the same. The Exteriors

Renault Kwid 1.0-litre

Moving on, unlike the SUV-ish set-up of the Kwid, Datsun's offering is toned down a little to look more like a hatchback with a tall stance. Nonetheless, one can’t mistake it to look any less stylish than the Kwid and, in my opinion, it looks more modern, compared to not just the Kwid, but the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto 800 too.

The stretched-back headlamps on either side of the chrome grille and that scoopy-sculpting on that lower bumper looks nicely held together. The sides get flared wheel arches along with a bold line that climbs up to merge into the sporty tail lamp. Other design highlights include short front and rear overhangs, front and rear faux skid plates, and twin tri-spoke wheel caps.

Datsun redi-GO

Datsun has priced its products competitively in the past and the same is expected of the redi-GO. For this reason, its price might undercut the Kwid’s, which is already the cheapest in the segment. The only obstacle we foresee is the low number of Datsun dealerships. The brand might benefit from Nissan’s dealership reach, but then this is just an assumption. Renault, on the other hand, has a better dealer network; not the best, but it works for the Kwid and its other cars. Bottomline? The redi-GO might turn out to be a hit in the big cities, while it might struggle in the smaller ones, which also contribute a huge chunk of sales for manufacturers.    

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Source : CarDekho