Custom BMWs by Untitled Motorcycles


This marks the debut of a series of weekly short features on international and Indian custom motorcycle builders who aren't exactly household names, at least for now. Some of them might be more famous than others but the one thing common to all of them is that they all mould some fabulous two-wheelers that are absolutely stunning. So here goes..


Old BMW motorcycles have this certain charm about them. It's as if the bike was built around the motor, instead of simply plonking in an engine onto a frame.


If you like your boxer-twin motorcycles clean and non-cluttered, you ought to check out Untitled Motorcycles - a bunch of three avid motorcycle enthusiasts who have come together to craft custom bikes that are built to be ridden. Far from being the typical 'trailer queens' that are driven to bike shows on the backs of pick- up trucks (no disrespect to them), the motorcycles that roll out of the Untitled Motorcycles workshop in London are intended to be daily riders. Short and unrestricted pipes give back voice to these once uncared-for motorcycles while rebuilt mechanicals endow them with a lease of life.

One look at the two BMWs posted on their blog, and the sheer simplicity of the design comes through. Their builders have left out everything that isn't crucial to the motorcycle's functioning, resulting in a lean bike that harkens back to what they always stood for -  to be ridden carefree and as instruments to give shackled souls a brief encounter with freedom! Yes, this is indeed what motorcycles have and should forever stand for.