CSE warns of ‘dieselisation’ of auto sector in India

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has warned against an impending public health crisis with the auto industry hard-selling diesel cars.

A rapid review of the car models on display at the recently concluded Auto Expo by CSE shows more than half of all new cars on display use diesel and more diesel models in both big and small car segments. 

“This is in complete disregard of the raging public health concerns around toxic diesel emissions that has led the  Supreme Court to crack down on diesel emissions from luxury cars, taxis and trucks and phasing in of environment compensation charge,” said the CSE. “It has also spurred the Union Government to consider advancement of Euro VI emissions standards to narrow the gap between petrol and diesel emissions.”

The CSE analysis shows this diesel drive is taking off when clean diesel fuel and technology have not been planned and committed to. “The ongoing and stepped up dieselisation over the next five years will lock in enormous toxic pollution and lung cancer risk,” added the CSE. “WHO has included diesel emissions in the worst class of carcinogens for its strong link with lung cancer. Toxins are dangerous even at trace amount.”