CSE slams JLR chief's comments on air pollution

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has condemned the remarks made by Ralph Speth, chief of Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover over Delhi's air quality.

The Delhi-based research and advocacy organisation has slammed the comments stating they were 'irresponsible' and urged Speth to retract them and support the government in bringing clean diesel technology.

"This is a most irresponsible statement to make at a time when dieselisation in India is contributing towards rising particulate and nitrogen oxides and ozone pollution, and also to the risk of growing lung cancer incidence in cities. Also, globally diesel cars have come under scrutiny and action for aggravating the problem of nitrogen oxide pollution and high and variable emissions from diesel cars on road," said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, CSE's Executive Director.

Speaking to PTI a day ago, Speth had stated, "The latest EU VI regulation schemes have got technical features, which (can) clean the air in Delhi. These kinds of vehicles drive like a hoover... The air they suck in is far dirtier than the air which comes out of it".

JLR is one of several automotive companies hit by the Supreme Court decision of banning all diesel vehicles having engines above 2000cc till March 31. "If you ban these kind of vehicles, I don't understand. Sorry it is over my horizon", Speth added.