Count of Monte Carlo


This press release landed up on my table the other day. Skoda has launched a limited edition Monte Carlo blah blah blah Fabia edition which has all these fancy bits such as black alloy wheels, smoked out headlights and some pretty neat touches all around for Europe. It also said that this limited edition will appear in seven colours and it is to celebrate Skoda's 110 years in motorsport. Wonderful. Excellent! Now get it to India please.

Sound like a nag? I better be, they are the first three initials in my surname after all. But let's get serious shall we. Skoda has some nice products. A Superb here, a Laura there, a Yeti that likes to think it is the most practical product in the world and the Fabia that is, er, well.... bland! Look at a Fabia today, three years later and you won't give it a second look. Fine, Skoda have gone ahead and slashed the price of their hatch and made it cheaper than the Polo. And then they have that 1.6 motor that is quite some fun, but what does it look like? Every other Fabia on the road that well, er.. never mind.

To cut a long cribbing short – Skoda, do us all a favour. Re-launch the 1.6 with some hot wheels, a body kit, red piping on black leather and what have you, to let the world know about its intentions. Am guessing I will hear something more defeat-ist from the Czech men like, 'It won't sell too much' or 'It will throw our budgets in a tizzy'. Do us a favour and do it just for the brand. Don't think about margins or volumes on this one. Trust me on this – it really has the potential to make some Fiat 500 and VW Beetle owners go all purple!