Control your Volvo car via Microsoft Band 2 [Video]

Voice controlling a device is not a new technology, but how about controlling your car features via voice command? We are not talking about the crazy science fiction, but a reality that is not far away. Volvo is considered one of the best auto companies when it comes to in-car technology. Sticking to its standards, the Swedish firm has now collaborated with tech-giant Microsoft to offer one of its kind service for its cars.

The latest piece of technology allows a car driver to voice-control his vehicle using Microsoft wearable Band 2. Through this band, the driver can remotely instruct his car to sound the horn, start the heater/AC, lock the doors, flash the lights and even play around with the Navigation. As of now, only Volvo cars would be able to incorporate this technology, like the latest XC90 and the upcoming S90 sedan.

This car voice controlling feature will be available in Volvo cars in the second half of 2016. The only thing driver has to do is to download Volvo On Call app, through which he can control the functioning of his vehicle. The app from Volvo is currently available in US, European and Chinese markets.

This is the second time both these companies have teamed up in developing such technology. Earlier, Volvo and Microsoft joined hands to create a virtual showroom by using HoloLens, a first of its kind untethered holographic computer. The technology serves the purpose of prospective buyers so that they can virtually configure their car, check out the new designs, colors, features and many more such things as if they are seeing in the real world.

Watch Volvo-Microsoft Voice Control Video

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Source : CarDekho