Compare Hyundai Creta VS Renault Duster

As hyundai Creta is making its debut in India on 21st July it will bring a lot of heat on the car like Duster and Ecosport. Both of these have been benchmarks in the Compact SUV segment for so long, but as times are changing and manufacturers are taking more interest in this particular segment cars like the Creta are emerging gradually. So, here’s a quick comparison of Creta and the Duster to project one’s edge over other.

Creta: A Fresh offering!

To start with, Creta is an all new offering and Duster is something that dates back three years. Though, Duster still is more SUV-like rather than a just bearing a hatchback sort of look as in the case of Creta. This hatchback sort of image is evident in Ecosport but is shadowed by its rear mounted spare wheel. Despite this Creta will manages to look the part, mainly because it is not a sub-4 meter as that will help it look equally huge as the Duster and then its has Hyundai’s latest design language that is more to the times.

Duster: Airy on the Inside!

A nice airy cabin is Dusters strong point, it allows a large amount of light and makes the occupant comfortable. The driver has a better view of the road there is a generous amount of headroom and legroom. On the downside, the quality of the cabin is slightly low and the switchgear feels very mechanical and lacks that smooth transition- the A/C dials are mechanical even in the top trim. Hyundai, on the other hand, has a reputation of making a quality cabin so we can expect it to be so in Creta as well. Moreover, the contemporary cabin takes the inspiration from Santa Fe, making it more appealing.

This one will be pretty close!

When it comes to performance, Duster’s 1.5 litre 110PS motor is a star when it comes to effortless highway cruising with a consistent mileage. Of course, there is turbo lag when the VGT spools up initially, but when it does it ensures that you are never out of power. On the versatility note, there is the AWD version that is a capable off-roader to some extent and Hyundai is offering Creta with forward wheel arrangement for the time being. Still, Creta will be getting the 1.6 litre CRDi motor from Verna and we are thoroughly acquainted with it by the now. It is a powerful motor with around 127 bhp on tap it outpowers any other motor in this segment.

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