China groove - Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng Edition



First of all, let’s get the translation part done with. ‘Jinlong Yufeng’ translates to ‘Golden Dragon in the Wind’ and you’ll agree that it is quite a weirdly themed variant. Make that very weirdly themed. Of course, some wise-ass ‘Could well be the Golden Dragon passing wind’ jokes could be instantly heard around office. Now, we won’t poke fun at our neighbours – ok, not too much – but this variant wants to combine the kiteboarding hype in China with the fact that this is the Year of the Dragon. Those two concepts are so completely connected, it would be foolish not to combine the two, right? This kiteboarding, Manchurian-loving, golden-dragon-posing-in-the-breeze edition Q3 has two carbon-fibre kiteboards on top, some LEDs to illuminate its rack…er, roof and…tada! ‘Audi Cams’. They’re basically sports cameras that you can tie to your ‘sailbar’ with a super hi-tech technology in the form of ‘Elastic bands’ (rubber bands?), with which you can record and post your wipe outs online instantly! We heard they’re doing the ‘White Cow in the Middle of the Road’ edition for India, combining India’s favourite animal with the trending pedestrian sport of crossing the road without looking either ways.