Chevrolet Cruze upgrades showcased at Geneva


No, no, not the wagon you see there, but the sedan we currently have here. The wagon joins the sedan and hatchback as part of the Cruze family internationally, but it won't be making it here. Don't despair though, the upgrades showcased on the wagon will find their way onto the sedan soon. By the end of this year, the Cruze will sport the front-end from the wagon you see here and an upgraded engine under the hood. The 2.0-litre VCDi engine will be making 163 bhp instead of the 150 bhp it makes now.
Apart from the Cruze wagon, Chevrolet plans on showing a couple of two-door coupe concepts at the Geneva motor show. They were designed by two different British designers who took a lot of inputs from the general public through a process called 'crowdsourcing' which employs social media services to gather information.