Car features set to make way in imminent future

Smart phones changed the way we use our mobiles nowadays; similarly lot of things will change and ease our driving and indeed, smart phones will play a crucial role in the transformation. In recent years, we have seen plenty of things coming into automobiles, changing the way we were used to get around in cars. Lets roll down to some things that will alter our everyday motoring life, but let me assure you that the future is not so far away!

Car features set to make way in imminent future NFC – Key-less entry

NFC Door Unlock

Near-Field-Communication (NFC) that few high end flagship phones sports, this technology has lot of hidden potential. NFC works on radio communication; connection can be established just by mere touching the devices or in the proximity (generally a centimeter). Now, an NFC enabled car door handle can unlock the door of your vehicle without letting you take out the keys. Just keep your phone in your pocket, come closer to the handle and voilà, the door gets opened. You just don't require any keys at all – keys will be an old school thing in near future. There are lot of other possibility for NFC like NFC tags and NFC parking tickets. NFC tags are simple microchips which stores small amount of data. An NFC tag sticked inside your car, can change your smart phone to all the preset setting like turning the brightness high, turning on the Bluetooth, turning on GPS maps and others. With E-wallets you can easily pay for your parking ticket just by touching your phone.

NFC-Tag Key chain

NFC Enabled Parking Ticket Machine Smart phone App integration

Soon, every company will offer an app for your ride; a lot of companies are offering nowadays and almost all the high end vehicle come with smart phone app integration. Currently, Mahindra Reva is the only entry level vehicle to offer such privilege. What you could possibly do with the App? Well all the diagnosis will be sent right away to your phone – service requirements, any affected part that need to be change, you will get the real time diagnosis. So, no more assumptions that its time for the service, checking with the service center and all; just check the status from your phone and do accordingly. You can even put on the air conditioning or heating on remotely so that it becomes pleasant by the time you arrive!

Car features set to make way in imminent future Adios Audio units; ciao infotainment touch screens

Audio units will soon be replaced by large touch screen infotainment systems(already most of the car offers the later). You can play movies, videos, online radio station; android, iOS and Windows complete phone integration. Like the Cassette player, CD player will also be a thing of past. HVAC control, Navigation all will be done through the same infotainment screen.

Car features set to make way in imminent future Camera wing mirrors

The rear view mirrors will be taken over by the the camera integrated ones. The camera ones offer far better visibility with blind spot covering and will provide you a real time all-around visibility. These will not only make your driving stress-free but also a lot safer. The camera integrated ORVMS will be more aerodynamic thus reducing the coefficient of drag.

All these things will be standard in most of the accessible cars in the coming years. They are designed to keep the driving enjoyable and hassle free. Cheers for the better tomorrow!!

Car features set to make way in imminent future

Source : CarDekho