Bull spread strategy on Escorts by Nandish Shah of HDFC Securities

Bull Spread strategy on Escorts


Buy ESCORTS APRIL 700 Call at Rs 48 & simultaneously sell 740 call at Rs 35


Lot Size: 1,100.

Cost of the strategy: Rs 13 (Rs 14,300 per strategy)

Maximum profit: Rs 29,700 if Escorts closes at or above 740 on April expiry.

Breakeven Point: Rs 713



-- Long build-up is seen in the Escorts Futures’ where we have seen 14 per cent (Prov) rise in the Open Interest with price moving up by 7 per cent.

-- The stock price has given breakout on the daily chart by closing above the resistance level of 676

-- Primary trend of the stock is positive where the stock price is trading above its all important moving averages

-- RSI Oscillators has reached above the level of 50, indicating sustainability of the bullish trend

-- Auto, as a sector, looking good for the short-term

Disclaimer: Nandish Shah is a Technical & Derivative Analyst at HDFC securities. Views are personal.