Bugatti's flagship - Chiron to have 470 km/h top-speed

Ever since word broke out on Bugatti working towards a successor for its Veyron hypercar, the auto-world had turned upside down. Following up on something as unique as the Veyron was always going to be a task, but Bugatti seemed up for the challenge. Then came out the test-mules all draped in matte-black which were doing the rounds in Italy. We knew then, that Bugatti had been right on the ball.

Inspired by the exterior stying on the Vision GT concept that the company had showcased earlier, the Chiron, as the successor has been named, was going to be every bit of a stunner. Tongues were already wagging, with speculation over the final power output ranging in the region of 1500 bhp and over 1,110 Nm torque on tap. All this means that the Chiron could very well rewrite the top-speed record books with a max velocity in the region of 467 km/h.
With dedicated electric motors working their magic, the healthy power boost in the engine department was all thanks to the 8.0 litre W16 engine with over four turbochargers working furiously to pump out that power. The Chiron would beat the Veyron in the nought to 100 km/h dash by over 0.3 seconds.

Bugatti will do a 500 unit production run for the Chiron and has managed to sell over 130 units already. With a 100 unit/year production run, Bugatti will pull off with the Chiron what they never managed to do with its predecessor. The company after all, only managed to build 50 Veyron hyper-cars over a ten year production run.


Source : MotorOctane