BSM Which Car - July Edition IV



Polo vault

I want to upgrade to a premium hatchback from my Maruti Suzuki WagonR. I drive around 600 kms a month, both in the city and on the highways. I prefer driving a petrol car and so test drove the Volkswagen Polo 1.6 petrol. I was floored by its performance,handling and build quality. Should I go for it?

Abhijit, via email

We have driven the Polo 1.6 extensively. In fact, we’ve even pitted it against the original hot-hatch, the Fiat Palio 1.6 GTX earlier this year. To put things into perspective, yes, the Polo 1.6 is a good handler, it rides well and is built well. Importantly, the 1.6-litre motor is strong and it has good driveability too. You won’t find its fuel efficiency disappointing either. As a fun-to-drive hatch, the Polo 1.6 is more or less the car that suffices. Happy motoring!



I want to buy a diesel sedan. I have been reading your column for several weeks now and have noticed that you do not consider Tata cars as options. You seem to recommend the Maruti Swift, SX4, Volkswagen Vento or Hyundai Verna, but usually not the Manza or Indigo. Would these be good choices? Sudhir Thakkar, New Delhi

The Tata Indigo Manza is a car we recommend to people who are looking for space and comfort, and in that regard it scores pretty well. It’s well loaded, rides well and is a decent highway car. Of the two powerplant options, we recommend the diesel which has good driveability and returns good fuel efficiency figures too.


Diesel dilemma

I currently drive a Honda City and my monthly run is about 1,200 km. I want to switch to a diesel automatic, though in the same price range as the City. What would you suggest? Rishi Dhaddha, via email

The only option in the same price range is the Hyundai Verna CRDi SX Auto. In terms of performance, the Verna is pretty quick, despite the use of a four-speed automatic. It isn't too bad on the efficiency front either, delivering between 9 and 12 kmpl in city use. It’s comfortable, has loads of room for four to five people, is well loaded and is easy to drive and manoeuvre. It comes highly recommended.


i10 on 10

I have been using a Hyundai i10 for the last two years and I am very happy with its performance. My monthly commute is approximately 800 km in the city. I’m looking to change my car , but haven’t found anything I like in the same price bracket. Do you have a suggestion, or do I buy another i10? Brijesh Zalavadia, Rajkot

The Hyundai i10 is a good urban car. It’s comfortable, easy to drive and easy to manoeuvre as well. Going in for the i10 for a second time is not a bad idea. What we suggest is you look at the 1.2 Kappa version that is refined, peppy and is decently efficient too. Any automotive questions?
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