BSM TOP15 - The Volkswagen Vento


What did we say in the road test?

We praised the supreme ride quality and the driveability on our roads. We also liked the handsome lines and the space utilisation. We were slightly disappointed with the slightly vague steering, though. Warming our heart and keeping it at an eternal glow was its frugal nature when it comes to sipping diesel.

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

Like the Polo, the Vento dismisses pothole strewn roads, thereby instilling a sense of security in the driver. This is typical of European, especially German engineered cars, and that is exactly why you pay a premium for it. Then you get a VW diesel engine (noisy to begin with) which benefits from some bullet-proof engineering. While 20 kpl is guaranteed on sedate highway driving, do not be surprised when it crosses the 23 kpl mark. The Vento benefits from the new age ‘Scirocco’ look of VWs and that translates to a hugely handsome automobile with prestige oozing out of its shutlines.

Where did we drive it?

The launch drive was a blast from Jaipur to New Delhi – as good an Indian highway experience as it gets. So we got four-lane roads, cows, traffic coming on the wrong side, cows again, pedestrians, palaces and even more cows. Oh, we also extensively performance tested it for our road test.

One thing we would like to change in it

C’mon VW, get some funky interiors in! If not coloured dashboards like in the Figo, some electronic wizardry on the instrument console is warranted.  And we Indians like gadgets – so bring on the USB slot, Aux-in and the MP3 player. And perhaps slightly better seats. That’s more than one thing, we realise, but what the heck.