BSM TOP15 - The Toyota Innova



What did we say in the road test?

Our best memory of the road test of the Innova goes back to last year, when the facelifted Innova was first launched. We pitted it against the Mahindra Xylo and while the Xylo won the contest because of its value for money proposition, it was the Innova that proved to be the better vehicle. Why? Read on...

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

The Innova is not a paper tiger. It is a genuinely capable vehicle that has this innate ability to warm 99.9 percentile of people simply because it is so versatile and hassle free. We like it for its space, convenience, build quality and ride quality. We like it for its grace, its large car feel and the fact that it is the de-facto choice for anything involving more than four passengers. Use it for marriages, long hauls or even a drive to the office and it’s a peaceful environment.

Where did we drive it?

We’ve driven it everywhere possible, got driven in it and still aren’t tired of it.

What do we like the most about it?

You want a vehicle and don’t know which one to buy? Then the Innova is perfect for you. That’s our one line solution to all Which Car? related queries. And yes, photographers love it because of its stable platform and large hatch area.

One thing we would like to change in it

A slightly more powerful engine and an automatic option – we think it would make a killer combination.